Professor Richard Bell
Murdoch University Western Australia

Richard is a specialist in soil fertility and land management with lecturing and research experience in Australia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and China. His interests are in plant nutrition on problem soils, soil management, diagnosis and correction of mineral disorders of plants, plant adaption to mineral stress, nutrient cycling, rehabilitation of degraded land, conservation agriculture, dryland salinity, catchment hydrology and management, sustainable land use, and Third world agricultural development.

Dr Micheal Crawford
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Victoria

Michael has over 24 years experience with DEPI Victoria in extension, research, science management and executive leadership in areas related to agriculture production, farming systems and natural resource management. He is currently Research Director – Agriculture Production for DEPIs Agriculture Research division which has 230 staff with expertise in animal and plant production systems, chemistry, soil and water sciences and landscape systems.

Mr Nick Drew
Executive Manager Fertilizer Australia

Nick has 30 years experience in commercial agriculture, public sector research and extension, and the fertilizer industry. He has led the development and implementation of Fertcare, a national training and accreditation program, and ensured that it is integrated in national research and extension projects.

Dr Robert Edis
Research Program Manager Soil Management and Crop Nutrition Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Robert manages international research projects on behalf of ACIAR. Prior to this appointment he held an Associate Professor position at The University of Melbourne, and was especially involved in N cycling research in Australia and China.

Professor Peter Grace
Professor of Global Change Queensland University of Technology

Peter is the coordinator of the Australia national nitrous oxide (in agriculture) research program, a $50M network of automated sampling sites funded by the Department of Agriculture and managed by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. He represents Australia in the Global Research Alliance for Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Croplands and Soil C/N Crosscutting issues Working Groups. He holds adjunct positions at Michigan State University and Columbia University.

Ms Alice Hall
CSIRO Publishing

Alice is Journals Manager at CSIRO Publishing and will be advising on the publication of expanded peer-reviewed papers in a special edition of Soil Research.

Professor Michael Hedley
Professor in Soil Science Massey University

Mike has worked on biogeochemical cycles in grazed pasture systems including detailed work on impact of farming systems on the soil carbon, nitrogen potassium and phosphate cycles particularly in New Zealand. His research has resulted in management strategies to reduce N, P and faecal microbe loss in drainage and runoff from dairy farms.

Dr Phillip Mladenov
Chief Executive Officer New Zealand Fertilizer Association

As CEO, Phillip is responsible for the industrys commitment to research and best management practices covering the relationship between soil, nutrients and plant growth. He has an interdisciplinary technical and scientific background that encompasses aquatic science, climate science, ecology, biochemistry, genetics and statistics.

Dr Mark Peoples
Deputy Chief and Theme Leader CSIRO Plant Industry

Mark’s 30 year research career has included plant physiology and biochemical studies on aspects of crop nitrogen nutrition, and investigations on the management of soil nitrogen and water from an agronomic and farming systems context with the aim of improving the sustainability and profitability of Australian and Asian cropping and forage systems. A specific focus has been given to the development of methodologies for measuring and managing the inputs of biological nitrogen fixation in legume-cereal rotations Collective his nitrogen-based research has resulted in over 225 peer-reviewed and citable publications.