Sensing Technology for Measuring Crop Nitrogen

Glenn J Fitzgerald1, Eileen M Perry2

1 Agriculture Victoria, 110 Natimuk Rd., Horsham, VIC, 3400,

2 Agriculture Victoria, Cnr. Midland Hwy and Taylor Street, Epsom VIC 3551


Quantitative remote sensing has advanced in its ability to measure plant and canopy parameters, with nitrogen being one of the principal components of interest for crop N management. A plethora of sensors and imagers including multispectral, hyperspectral and fluorescence with different characteristics (e.g., passive vs active) have provided researchers and the agricultural industry with choices for measurement. Platforms for mounting sensors range from handheld and tractor mounted to satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). How to quantify canopy N using these hardware tools with spectral indices has been the focus of research for some time. Examples of recent work integrating sensors, platforms and spectral indices will be presented for ground-based proximal fluorescence sensing and passive sensing using ground and aerial platforms.