Nitrogen Budget on Township Scale in North China Plain

Xinsheng NIUa  Baojing GUb  Xiaotang JUc[1]

a Qu Zhou Experimental Station, China Agricultural University, Quzhou 057250, PR China.

b Department of Land Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, PR China.

c College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, PR China.


To find out the critical problems of reactive nitrogen (Nr) on township scale and ascertain Nr flows in basic agricultural farming unit, we carried out a research of Nr budget at the township scale in North China Plain (NCP). Results showed that chemical N fertilizer dominants the Nr imported into a town, which was concerning with complex economic, social and conventional issues. Low Nr using efficiency in cropland subsystem was found in ecotone of agriculture-animal husbandry due to natural condition dependent and meteorological changes adaptive crop. Environmental Nr loads mainly derived from cropland subsystem due to excessive N fertilizer application and irrational applying universally used in NCP. Thus, application rates of N fertilizer synchronized to demand of crop and alternatives of scientific and advanced application measurements were necessary. Huge losses of Nr during storage of human feaces and manure due to inaccessible to treatment facilities and ignoring the rational management on wastes should be given a priority consideration. The extension of new extensive technologies of livestock husbandry for achieving higher converting ratio of feed and provided with facilities of treating manure with great efforts seem necessity especially in ecotone of agriculture-animal husbandry.