Nitrapyrin with nitrogen can improve yield or quality of wheat, grass pasture, canola or sugarcane in Australia

Greg.S. Wells1

1 Dow AgroSciences Australia Ltd, PO Box 838, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429,,


Nitrapyrin has been used extensively in the USA to stabilise applied nitrogen particularly for maize production.  In 2012 nitrapyrin (product name eNtrenchTM Nitrogen Stabiliser) was approved by National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Asessment Scheme (NICNAS) for use in crops including wheat, sorghum, maize, sweet corn and cotton in Australia.  It is the only product that has undergone this type of review for approval for use in Australia.

This paper reports on field research trials to determine whether nitrapyrin use improved yield or quality in crops or ryegrass in Australia.  Research to date has shown the the potential value of nitrapyrin to improve nitrogen use efficiency and to mitigate nitrous oxide emissions.  This paper will focus on field research trials to demonstrate improved nitrogen use efficiency.