colin donald 
Year Orator Title
2019 Dr John Angus 2019 Donald Oration Dr John Angus

Professor Timothy G Reeves FTSE

2017 Donald Oration Professor Timothy G Reeves FTSE
2015 Prof. Graeme Blair  2015 citation Donald Oration Prof. Graeme Blair
2012 Dr Brian Dear
2010 Peter Cornish 2010 Donald Oration Peter Cornish
2008 Prof. Robin Graham
2006 Dr Bill Bowden Decision Support for manageable and unmanageable limitations to crop production
2003 Prof. David Connor
2004 Dr Tony Fischer
2001 R.J. Esdaile No-tillage Development at Livingston Farm, Moree and the NW Plains of NSW
1998 J.L. Davidson Experiences of Pasture and Crop Production
1996 Dr A.B. Hearn
1993 James Russell McWilliam 1993 Donald Oration James Russell McWilliam
1992 Prof G L Wilson 1992 Donald Oration Graeme Wilson
1989 Dr R.C. Rossiter The Donald Oration and the Donald Medal
1987 Mr R J French Reginald James French RDA, M.Agr.Sc., FAIAS
1982 (retrospectively) Dr P G Ozane