Nutrient Processes

Metabolites and biological entities in Victorian dairy farm soils and their relationships to management

Michael William Heaven, Sharon Aarons, Pauline Mele, Lori Phillips, Brunda Nijagal, Thusi Rupasinghe, Dedreia Tull, Murray Hannah, Amsha Nahid, Jenny Collins, Ivor Awty, Tony Cook, Kelly Rentsch, George Croatto, Thomas Baker

Phosphorus requirements for cereals: what role does crop rotation play?

Andreas Neuhaus, James Easton, Charlie Walker

Mycorrhizal status in the rotation: the importance to subsequent cotton establishment

J R Moore, J E Pratley, R Malone K O’Keeffe and K A Kirkby

Identification of the critical factors of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) for maximizing Boro rice yield in Bangladesh

A.B.S Sarker , Najrul Islam and M. A. Samad

In situ acidulation of rock phosphate

Watson Matamwa, Isa Yunusa, Graeme Blair, Chris Guppy

Phosphorus fertiliser requirements of rice under alternate wetting and drying irrigation in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Leah Garnett, Jason Condon, Chau Minh Khoi, Ben Macdonald

Response of the DCAD of plantain to potassium fertilisation

G. Pembleton, B. D. Hill, R. P Rawnsley

Brown manuring pulses on acidic soils in southern NSW – is it worth it?

Eric Armstrong, Gerard O’Connor, Luke Gaynor, Sarah Ellis and Neil Coombes