Irrigation, Water Management 

Effects of sprinkler irrigation applications during post flowering period on flower development and Pyrethrin accumulation in Pyrethrum

Dilnee Suraweera, Tim Groom, Marc Nicolas

Evaporation and crop transpiration; behind the water use efficiency paradigm

Murray Unkovich, Jeff Baldock, Ryan Farquharson

Yield advantage and water productivity of maize-mungbean inter-cropping systems in the dry zone of Sri Lanka; a modelling approach

R.K. Amarasingha, L.D.B. Suriyagoda, B. Marambe, L.W. Galagedara, G.L.L.P. Silva, R.  Punyawardena, U. Nidumolu, M. Howden, D. Parsons and H. Meinke

Data requirements for automated model-based control of irrigation and fertiliser application

Alison McCarthy and Steven Raine