Carbon Farming

Why do farmers partially adopt conservation farming practices? A sociological study of stubble retention in NSW and Victoria

Vaughan Higgins, Caroline Love, Tony Dunn, Deirdre Lemerle

Quantifying the effect of soil organic carbon on wheat yield: a simulation study

Jeda Palmer, Peter Thorburn, Jody Biggs, Merv Probert, Neil Huth, Joshua Larsen

What carbon farming activities are farmers likely to adopt?

Nikki P. Dumbrell, Marit E. Kragt, Fiona L. Gibson

Modeling the effects of mixed farming systems on soil carbon and crop-livestock productivity in central-west NSW

Muhuddin Rajin Anwar, Warwick Badgery, James Mwendwa, Neville Herrmann, Andrew D. Moore

Developing conservation agricultural innovations and practice change: a model for future research, development, extension and training in a brave new world

Deirdre Lemerle, Iain Hume, Toni Nugent, Vaughan Higgins , Caroline Love, Deb Slinger, Raylene Brown, Mark Harris, Tony Pratt, James Mwendwa, Russell Ford and Megan Beveridge

Modelling soil organic carbon 1. The value of long term agronomic experimental data

Garry O’Leary, De Li Liu, Yuchun Ma, Frank Li, Malcolm McCaskill, Mark Conyers, Ram Dalal, Steven Reeves, Kathryn Page, Yash Dang and Fiona Robertson