Systems and Tillage

Assessing long-term (2004 to 2014) effects of rotation and tillage on grain yield and soil C and N of a medium rainfall temperate cropping system

RD Armstrong, R Perris, M Munn, FA Robertson, K Dunsford

Biodiesel production in New Zealand – opportunities and considerations

Jeff McCormick, Bruce Smallfield, Vonny Fasi, Alan Gash, Bruce McKenzie

A review of annual intercrops in rainfed farming systems of southern Australia

Andrew Fletcher, Mark Peoples, John Kirkegaard, Michael Robertson, Jeremy Whish, Tony Swan

Industrial hemp in New Zealand – cash cropping for a better environment

Huub Kerckhoffs, Yasemin Kavas, James Millner, Chris Anderson, Eve Kawana-Brown

Measuring farming practices used on cotton farms

Ingrid Roth

Comparison of stubble management strategies in the high rainfall zone

Geoff J. Dean and Angela M. Merry