High Yielding Environments

High rainfall zone grains: yield gaps, production trends and opportunities for improvement

Michael Robertson, John Kirkegaard, Allan Peake, Cam Nicholson, Lindsay Bell, Julianne Lilley, Jon Midwood, Heping Zhang, Susan Kleven, Chris Duff, Penny Riffkin

Drivers of high yielding irrigated wheat production

Tony Napier, Luke Gaynor, Deb Slinger, Neroli Graham, Cynthia Podmore

Crop yield potential limited by nutrient status in the high rainfall zone of Southern Australia

B.P. Christy, P.A. Riffkin, A. Clough, R Norton, K. Stott, G.J. O’Leary

Simulating grain and grazing yield of diverse wheat genotypes in the HRZ

Lindsay W. Bell, Julianne M. Lilley, James R. Hunt, John A. Kirkegaard

The response of hybrid and open-pollinated canola to the environment in southern Australia

Heping Zhang, Jens D Berger, Mark Seymour, Rohan Brill, Richard Quinlan, Garren Knell