Crop Adaptation

Commercial wheat varieties are broadly adapted to time of sowing in Australia

Roger Lawes, Zvi Hochman, Neil Huth

Pushing the limit for water-use efficiency in early-sown canola

John Kirkegaard, Rohan Brill, Julianne Lilley

The critical period for yield determination in chickpea

Lachlan Lake, Victor O. Sadras

Adapting rain-fed sorghum agronomy to breeding progress – Cropping system model parameterisation

Barbara George-Jaeggli, Jason Brider, Ian Broad, Karine Chenu, Joseph Eyre, Ariel Ferrante, Greg McLean, James McLean, Andrew Skerman, Daniel Rodriguez

Physiological and biochemical attributes of Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz under water stress conditions

Ejaz Ahmad Waraich, Zeeshan Ahmed, Rashid Ahmad, M. Shahbaz