Doing More with Less – or More with More? The future of smallholder farming in Africa

Professor Ken Giller, Professor of Plant Production Systems, Wageningen University

Competition, consolidation and computer algorithms: Spelling the end of agronomy as we know it?

Mick Keogh, Commissioner, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Doing more for the environment with lower inputs in pasture-based livestock systems: does this always lead to lower outputs?

David Chapman, Principal Scientist, Feed and Farm Systems at Dairy NZ

Professional agronomists helping farmers do more with less in North America and Australia

Dr Tom Jensen, Director, International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), North America

The role of agronomy in a technical world

Dr Cynthia Grant, Soil Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Brandon Research Centre (Retired)

Incremental transformation – success from system synergy

Dr John Kirkegaard, Farming Systems Agronomist, CSIRO

Staying profitable with the declining terms of trade – Can growers survive the pressures ahead in Australian mixed cropping systems?

Bill Long, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Ag Consulting Co

Towards a new food system assessment: AgMIP coordinated global and regional assessments of climate change and food security

 Dr Cynthia Rosenweig, NASA, &  Dr Peter Thorburn, CSIRO Agriculture and Food

Doing more with less, or coping with excess?

Caroline Welsh, Chairman, Birchip Cropping Group (BCG)

More from Less – “The changing landscape for Australian dairy production”

Tom Acocks, Dairy Farmer

Donald Oration

Fifty Years in Pursuit of Agricultural Sustainability – an ever ‘Moving Target’

Professor Timothy Reeves

The AW Howard Memorial Trust Oration

Domestication of pasture and forage legumes for Australian Farming Systems; a personal perspective

Dr Mike Ewing