Invited Paper

Opening Session

An overview of the benefits delivered by research and new technology to farmers in South-Eastern-Australia
I.M. MacKinnon

Emerging Challenges in Land Management: An American Perspective on Efficiency
J.L. Hatfield

The Tasmanian Poppy Industry: A Case Study of the Application of Science and Technology
A.J. Fist

Technology on the Farm

 Is agronomy being left behind by precision agriculture? 

S.E.Cook1 and R.G.V.Bramley2, 3

Controlled traffic for sustainable cropping
J. N. Tullberg

Irrigation and Intensive Large-Scale Crop Management
C Thompson

Scientific Support for Decision Making

Understanding Climate Variability to Improve Agricultural Decision Making
H. Meinke1, K. Pollock1, G.L Hammer1, E. Wang1, R.C. Stone2, A. Potgieter2 and M. Howden3

Towards a Common Advisory Toolkit for managing Temperate Grazing Systems
R.J. Simpson, L. Salmon, A.D. Moore, J.R. Donnelly and M. Freer

Imperatives for Australian Agriculture - Andrew Campbell

Farming Systems Research

Applying ecological principles to the re-design of agricultural landscapes
E C Lefroy

Back to the future - Reinventing farm management economics in farming systems research
L.E. Brennan1 and R.L. McCown2

Rotation, Sequence and Phase: Research on Crop and Pasture Systems
J.F. Angus, J.A. Kirkegaard and M.B. Peoples

Farming Systems Research and Farming Practice
R.L. McCown

Participatory Research Processes and Results

Achieving and Enabling Continuous Improvement and Innovation
R. Clark1, J Timms2, A. MacCartney3, K. Egerton-Warburton4, N. O'Dempsey5 and B. Radokovich1

Farmers determining their own destiny
Ian McClelland and Tony Eyres

Why Should GRDC Invest In Participatory Farming Systems Research ?
B.R Eastough

Are science rigour and industry relevance both achievable in participatory action research?
P.S. Carberry

Biotechnology, Food and Agronomy

Biotechnology and Weed Management
R.T. Roush

Novel plant products from gene technology 
Allan Green1 and Phillip Salisbury2

Transgenesis and Genomics in Molecular Breeding of Forage Plants
G. Spangenberg1,2, R. Kalla1, A. Lidgett1,2, T. Sawbridge1, E.K. Ong1 and U. John1

The Big Picture

Towards Environmental Management Systems in broad-acre agriculture: rhetoric, reality and future possibilities
A.M. Ridley

Prospects for feeding the world and for rural landscapes
T. Fischer