“On-demand” hardseeded pasture legumes – a paradigm shift in crop-pasture rotations for southern Australian mixed farming systems

Belinda Hackney,Bradley Nutt, Angelo Loi, Ron Yates, Jane Quinn, John Piltz, Janelle Jenkins, Leslie Weston, Mike O’Hare, Anna Butcher, Colin Butcher, Ted Wolfe, John Howieson

Legume effects on available soil nitrogen and comparisons of estimates of the apparent mineralisation of legume nitrogen

Mark Peoples, Tony Swan, Laura Goward, James Hunt, Robert Hart Bernard Hart

Additional nitrogen mineralisation and crop uptake following tropical forage legumes is lower if shoot biomass is removed

Skye Gabb, Lindsay Bell, Neal Dalgliesh, Ainsleigh Wixon, Chris Guppy, Lina-May Ramony

Evaluation of APSIM to simulate nitrogen fixation and uptake in diverse legume species across Australia

Chao Chen, Roger Lawes, Andrew Fletcher, Yvette Oliver, Michael Robertson, Michael Bell

Model-based evaluation of yield performance and agronomic options for lupins in the southern wheatbelt, Western Australia

Chao Chen, Jens Berger, Andrew Fletcher, Roger Lawes, Michael Robertson

The residual N benefits of temporary intercropping field pea with wheat

Andrew Fletcher , Matt McNee, Gary Ogden, Michael Robertson

 A desktop analysis of the economics of fixed N in Australian dryland cropping rotations

Andrew Fletcher, Roger Lawes, Yvette Oliver, Chao Chen