Tropical Pastures

Defining sowing windows for perennial tropical grasses in the low rainfall zone of Australia

Andrew P. Smith, Rick S. Llewellyn

Improving the reliability of establishing legumes into grass pastures in the sub-tropics

A. Peck, J. O’Reagain, B. Johnson, G. Kedzlie, B. Taylor, S. Buck, G. Mace

Factors affecting the adoption of tropical grasses in the Northern Agricultural region of WA

Perry Dolling, Geoff Moore, David Ferris

Medics in southern Queensland: Effects of sowing method, weed control and phosphorus application on plant population and biomass

Joe O’Reagain, Brian Johnson, David Lawrence, Gavin Peck, Graham Kedzlie, Bradley Taylor, Rod O’Connor, Stuart Buck, Suzette Argent, Gina Mace

Evaluation of temperate legumes for use in tropical perennial grass pastures in central western NSW

C.M. Waters, S.P. Boschma, G.J. Melville, I.D. Toole

Nitrogen fertiliser may pay on tropical grass pastures

David Lawrence, Stuart Buck, Fred Chudleigh, Brian Johnson and Gavin Peck

Is summer sowing as effective as winter sowing for introducing serradella into subtropical perennial grass pastures?

Christiaan Valentine, Geoff Moore, David Ferris and Perry Dolling

An analysis of R, D & E needs of cropping rotations with kikuyu pastures on the south coast of Western Australia

Perry Dolling, Christiaan Valentine, David Ferris