Weeds, Pests and Disease

Profitable crop sequences to reduce ryegrass seedbank where herbicide resistant ryegrass is a major constraint to the sustainability of cropping systems

Tony Swan, Laura Goward, James Hunt, John Kirkegaard, Tony Pratt, Mark Peoples

Weed management as a key driver of crop agronomy

Rick S. Llewellyn, Jackie Ouzman, Allan Mayfield, Steve Walker, David Ronning, Michael Clark

“Buying a spring” – the water and nitrogen cost of poor fallow weed control

Colin McMaster, Neroli Graham, John Kirkegaard, James Hunt, Ian Menz

Crop-topping and desiccation are valuable tools for weed control in pulses

Eric Armstrong, Gerard O’Connor, Luke Gaynor, Sarah Ellis and Neil Coombes

The effect of crop rotations on the incidence of crown rot in wheat

Eleanor A. Readford, Daniel K.Y. Tan, Raju Tokachichu, Richard M. Trethowan

Improved early wheat growth after millet and cowpea in the central cropping belt of Western Australia

M.E. McNee, K.C. Flower