Crop Response to CO2 

Effects of future atmospheric CO2 concentration on the productivity and nitrogen fixation of pulses under Free Air CO2 Enrichment

M. Bourgault,  R. Armstrong, J. Brand, J. Nuttall, S. Tausz-Posch, S.K. Lam, M. Tausz, G. Fitzgerald

Using field-based Canopy EvapoTranspiration and Assimilation (CETA) chambers to assess the impact of climate change on early cotton growth

J. Broughton, P. Payton, J. Baker, C. Yates, D.K.Y. Tan, D. Tissue, M. Bange

Soil type influences N2 fixation in fieldpeas more than elevated CO2

R D Armstrong, M Bourgault and S.K. Lam

Reflectance and fluorescence measurements for wheat traits under elevated CO2

Eileen M. Perry and Glenn J. Fitzgerald

Influence of nitrogen supply and variety on the grain yield and protein content of wheat under elevated carbon-dioxide

R D Armstrong, M Munn, H Kozlowski, R Perris, M Tausz, S Tausz-Posch

Is a reduced-tillering trait (tin) beneficial under elevated CO2 in four FACE environments?

Markus Löw, S Tausz-Posch, G Rebetzke, M. F. Dreccer, S. C. Chapman, S Seneweera, G Fitzgerald, M Tausz