Pasture Roots and Nutritive Characteristics

Influence of fungal endophyte on plant water status, non-structural carbohydrate content and biomass partitioning in Brachiaria grasses grown under drought stress

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Broad NIRS calibrations to predict nutritional value of the southern feedbase

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Changes in rhizobia population over time in inoculated and uninoculated lucerne plants

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Soil carbon storage in the root zone of a perennial grass pasture

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Lucerne root dynamics under defoliation regimes

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Distribution of lucerne roots in summer-dry environments of southern Australia

Zhongnan Nie, Meredith Mitchell, Steve Clark Kevin Smith, Vivianne Burnett, Reto Zollinger, Greg Seymour

Nitrogen uptake and nitrogen use efficiency of forage kale crops grown under varying amounts of water and nitrogen fertiliser rates in shallow soils

E. Chakwizira, J.M. de Ruiter and S. Maley