Weeds and Herbicides

Harvest weed seed control: ryegrass seed retention levels in south-eastern Australia wheat crops

John Broster, Michael Walsh, Charlotte Aves, Stephen Powles

Improving herbicide tolerance in pulses to support the diversification of Australian crop rotations

Dili Mao, Jeff Paull, Chris Preston, Chris Dyson, Shi Ying Yang, Larn McMurray

Dual direction allelopathy: the case of canola, wheat and annual ryegrass

J R Moore, Md Asaduzzaman and J E Pratley

Flaxleaf fleabane management in cropping systems of southern Australia

Ben Fleet, Christopher Preston, Gurjeet Gill

The extent of herbicide resistance in Tasmanian wild radish populations

John Broster, Allison Chambers, Leslie Weston

A quick test for glyphosate resistance in annual ryegrass

Aaron Preston, Joseph Moore, Jim Pratley and Gabriel Thelen

On-farm demonstrations of low-input methods for establishing legumes in central Queensland

Joe O’Reagain, Gavin Peck, Stuart Buck, Scott Stevens