Managing Productive And Sustainable Landscapes – Rice

Combining field trials and crop modelling of dry direct seeded rice to reduce production risks in Lao PDR under current and future climates

Alison Laing, Christian H Roth, Donald S Gaydon, Vanthong Phengvichith, Sipaseuth, Khammone Thiravong, Sysavanh Vorlasan, John Schiller

Resilience of smallholder farmers in Cambodian lowland rice ecosystems in managing for future climate uncertainty

Perry L Poulton, Neal P Dalgliesh, Say Vang, Touch Veasna, Philip Charlesworth

Validation of APSIM for long duration rice varieties in different agro-climatic zones of Sri Lanka

M.E.K.K. Fernando, D.A.B.N. Amerasekara, R.K. Amarasingha, L.D.B. Suriyagoda, B. Marambe, L.W. Galagedara, G.L.L.P. Silva, R. Punyawardena, D. Parsons and H. Meinke

Entry points for eco-efficient alternative rice production system in Punjab, Pakistan

M.I. Awan, H. Meinke, P. van Oort, L. Bastiaans