Nutrient Placement

A bioeconomic framework for phosphorus deep placement decisions

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NPK fertilisers as agents for the biofortification of trace elements in wheat

Elliott Duncan, Margaret Roper, Cathryn O’Sullivan and Mark Peoples

Lessons learnt about nitrogen and phosphorus from a 30 year study in a sub-tropical continuous cropping system on a vertosol

Bede O’Mara, Charlie Walker 

Effect of deep placement of NPK briquette for rice yield maximization during Boro, T Aus and T Aman seasons at different locations in Bangladesh

A.B.S Sarker,G. Ali, M. A. J. Mridha and M A Mazid Miah

Adding sulfur to finished fertilisers: inside or outside?

Graeme Blair, Watson Matamwa, Isa Yunusa and Michael Faint

Response to deep placed P, K and S in central Queensland

Bell, D. Sands, D. Lester, R. Norton 

Modelling soil organic carbon 2. Effects of stocking rate, nitrogen fertiliser and stubble retention on changes across farming systems in eastern Australia

De Li Liu, Garry O’Leary, Yuchun Ma, Annette Cowie, Frank Li, Malcolm McCaskill, Mark Conyers, Ram Dalal, Fiona Robertson and Warwick Dougherty

Subsoil manuring in the high rainfall zone: a practice for ameliorating subsoils for improved productivity

R Peries and J S Gill

Crop productivity and profitability improved by high analysis granular P over liquid P or rock phosphate

Colin McMaster, Remy ven de Ven