Nutrient Management  1 & 2

The feasibility of fertilising oats and forage sorghum with nitrogen and phosphorus in the brigalow belt of Queensland

Stuart Buck, David Lawrence, Fred Chudleigh

Managing nitrogen nutrition under intensive cropping in low rainfall environments

Therese McBeath, Vadakattu Gupta, Rick Llewellyn, Bill Davoren and Michael Moodie

Nitrogen management: a key driver of farm business profit and risk in the low rainfall Mallee

Michael Moodie, Therese McBeath, Ed Hunt, Jackie Ouzman, Marta Monjardino, Rick Llewellyn, Bill Davoren

Postnormal thinking: The need for a better understanding of what oil vulnerability will mean for Australian agriculture

Donald Hugh Coventry

Improving WUE of canola in central NSW

Rohan Brill, Maurie Street, Leigh Jenkins

Determining the extent of declining pasture productivity with nitrogen fertiliser

Stuart Buck, Brian Johnson, David Lawrence, Gavin Peck, Graham Kedzlie, Bradley Taylor, Rod
O’Connor, Joe O’Reagain, Suzette Argent, Tim Emery, Gina Mace

‘Topping up’ wheat with foliar P: getting the right combination of P formulation and adjuvant

Courtney Peirce, Evelina Facelli, Therese McBeath and Mike J. McLaughlin

Production interactions between combinations of 4 perennial legumes and 5 perennial grasses, grown under high input management with and without applications of nitrogen

Rowan Smith, Eric Hall, Ross Corkrey, David Parsons, Keith Pembleton, and Richard Rawnsley

Nutrient status of soils and crops in the high rainfall zone of Victoria and South Australia

A. Clough, R. Norton, P.A. Riffkin, D. L. Partington, B. Christy

Estimating in-crop Nitrogen mineralisation in dryland cropping systems of southern Australia

K Dunsford,, R Armstrong, C Tang & P Sale

Can advances in climate forecasts improve the productive and environmental outcomes from nitrogen fertiliser on wheat? A case study using POAMA for topdressing wheat in South Australia

Peter Hayman, Bronya Cooper, Kevin Parton, Oscar Alves, Griffith Young, Beverley Henry and Clemens Scheer

A simple framework for profitable fertiliser use under risk and soil constraints

Amir Abadi, Imma Farre

High yielding wheat in the northern region: impact of nitrogen fertilisation on grain yield and quality in modern cultivars

Ariel Ferrante, Joseph Eyre, Barbara George-Jaeggli, James McLean, Karine Chenu, Peter deVoil, Greg McLean, Daniel Rodriguez

Profit and risk in dryland cropping: seasonal forecasts and fertiliser management

Peter C. McIntosh, Senthold Asseng, Enli Wang

Nitrogen Management: do barley varieties respond differently to Nitrogen?

Claire Browne and Linda Walters

Effect of water availability and nitrogen source on wheat growth and nitrogen-use efficiency

Eseeri Kisaakye, Tina Botwright Acuña, Peter Johnson, Sergey Shabala