Life Cycle Assessment of Grain Cropping

Aaron Simmons, Sally Muir, Pip Brocl, David Herridge

Greenhouse Gas mitigation potential and profitability of practices on Australian grain farms

Elizabeth Meier, Peter Thorburn, Marit Kragt, Nikki Dumbrell and Jody Biggs

N2O mitigation opportunities in subtropical cereal and fibre cropping systems – a modelling approach

Henrike Mielenz, Peter J Thorburn, Clemens Scheer, Mike J Bell, Peter R Grace

The effect of variable nitrogen fertiliser rates on indirect nitrous oxide emissions and losses from furrow-irrigated cotton production

Alice Devlin, Yvonne Ye Fen Chang, Ben Macdonald

Potential for summer active grasses to minimise gaseous soil N losses

M.E. McNee, K.C. Flower, L. Nazaries, S. Manalil, B.K. Singh

High nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated maize in northern Victoria

Ashley Wallace, Damian Jones, Rohan Pay, Roger Armstrong