Managing Seasonal Variability

Near-term pasture growth rate forecasts: which method works best?

Richard P. Rawnsley, Matthew T.  Harrison, David C. Phelan, Ross Corkrey, David A.Henry

Adapting irrigated and dryland farming systems to climate change and extreme weather events: is simplification or intensification more effective?

Matthew Harrison, Brendan Cullen, Dan Armstrong, Richard Rawnsley

Can Modelled Soil Moisture with the Southern Oscillation Index Predict Poor Spring Pasture Production?

Jane E. Court, Richard J. Eckard, and Frank R. Dunshea

Can seasonal forecasting minimise the threats of climate variability to achieve profitable crop-livestock productions in NSW

Muhuddin Rajin Anwar, Jing-Jia Luo, Oscar Alves, Timothy Sides, Griffith Young, Jason Crean, Anthony Clark, Ian McGowen

Characterization of maize growing environments in eastern and southern Africa using the APSIM model

Solomon Seyoum, Chauhan Yash, Rachaputi Rao, Fekybelu Solomon and Prasanna Boddupalli