Cold Adaptation

Floral morphology in rice grown under cold temperatures at booting and flowering and its effect on spikelet sterility

Zuziana Susanti, Jaquie Mitchell, Shu Fukai

Closing the gap: linking phenotype to genotype in rice lines contrasting for cold adaptation

Jaquie Mitchell, Siti Zulkafli, Brad Campbell, Peter Snell, Ian Godwin, Shu Fukai

Predicting heading date and frost impact in wheat across Australia

Bangyou Zheng, Scott Chapman, Jack Christopher, Troy Frederiks, Karine Chenu

Modelling the impact of frost on wheat production in Australia

Kirsten Barlow,  Brendan Christy, Garry O’Leary and James Nuttall

Cold temperature under aerobic conditions increases spikelet sterility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Christopher Proud, Muneer Hammadi, Robyn Cave, Jacquie Mitchell, Shu Fukai

Use of chemical protective products to change the ability of wheat to tolerate frost

Michael Zerner, Tim March, Jason Eglinton, Ben Biddulph