The effect of agronomic management on gross margins from crop sequences in the high rainfall zone of south western Victoria

Corinne Celestina, Jon Midwood, Mark Peoples, Laura Goward, Tony Swan, James Hunt and Rob Harris

Simulating grain and grazing yield of diverse canola cultivars in the high rainfall zone

Julianne M Lilley, Lindsay W Bell, John A Kirkegaard

Turning sowing times on their head- spring sown winter habit canola and wheat in a mixed farming system

Annieka Paridaen

Using broadleaf crops to improve wheat grain yield and on farm profitability

Guangdi Li1, Mark Peoples, Richard Lowrie, Adam Lowrie, Tony Swan, and Laura Goward

Planning horizon, commodity price and weed burden influence the number of break crops in a crop sequence

Roger Lawes, Caroline van Der Zee

Achieving modelling of pasture-cropping systems with APSIM and GRAZPLAN

Penny Roberts Craig, Warwick Badgery, Geoffrey Millar, Andrew Moore

Adding value through pasture and fodder break crops- is the current break crop broken?

Annieka Paridaen, Corinne Celestina, Aaron Vague, Simon Falkiner, David Watson, Cam Nicholson

Farm level considerations of sowing date for canola and wheat

Andrew Fletcher, David Minkey, Matt McNee, Darshan Sharma, Doug Abrecht, Penny Roberts-Craig