Pasture Management

Lamb growth rates on pasture: assessing options for finishing lambs in spring

Shawn McGrath, Graeme Sandral, Michael Friend

Economic value of grazing inter-cropping in the high rainfall zone of Southern Australia

B. Christy, T. McLean, Tocker, Z. Nie, R. Harris

Alternate row sowing: a novel approach to maintaining sown species in mixed pasture swards

Graeme A. Sandral, Tony D. Swan, Guangdi D. Li, Laura Goward, Mark B. Peoples and Richard C. Hayes

The effects of deficit irrigation strategies on soil water content under Lucerne

Mary-Jane Rogers, Alister Lawson, Kevin Kelly

Optimising Italian ryegrass sowing rates

Martin Harmer

Nitrate and sulphate accumulating shrubs to reduce methane emissions in sheep

Hayley C Norman, Matt G. Wilmot, Paul Young P,  Andrew Toovey, Dean Thomas, Xixi Li, Miranda Macintyre, Joshua K. Hendry, Elizabeth Hulm

Evaluation of short-term fodder options between cropping phases in Tasmania

Geoff J. Dean, Angela M. Merry and Rowan W. Smith

Influence of winter-grazed dual-purpose wheat and canola crops on the forage availability in a pasture-based system

Cesar S. Pinares-PatiƱo, Scott E. McDonald, John A. Kirkegaard, Hugh Dove, James R. Hunt, Richard J. Simpson and Andrew D. Moore

Joining Ewe Lambs on Dual Purpose Canola in Southern Australia

Margaret Raeside, John Byron, Caroline MacDonald, Fiona Cameron and Ralph Behrendt

Changed recommendations for the use of phalaris on acid soils

Richard C. Hayes, Guangdi D. Li, Richard A. Culvenor

Dual-purpose crops: comparison of maternal systems grazing canola or wheat during late pregnancy and lambing then lucerne-based pasture until weaning

Shawn McGrath and Michael Friend

Utilisation and feed quality of two forage Brassica (Brassica napus) cultivars

D Thomas, DB Mason, M Harmer, HG Judson, D Frank and JC Sewell