Crop Phenology

Identifying the optimal flowering period for wheat in Australia: A simulation study

B.M. Flohr, J.R. Hunt, J.A. Kirkegaard, J.R. Evans

Dry matter partitioning in canola (Brassica napus L.) and the impacts on  grain yeild in the High Rainfall Zone of south-eastern Australia

Penny Riffkin, Brendan Christy, Garry O’Leary, Debra Partington

Novel wheat genotypes for early sowing across Australian wheat production environments

James Hunt, Ben Trevaskis, Andrew Fletcher, Allan Peake, Alec Zwart, Neil Fettell 

Floral initiation in maize is regulated by the growth of leaf primordia

Stephen E Ockerby, Zongjian Yang

Effect of anthesis date on grain yield and yield components of wheat – Trangie 2009-2012

Rohan Brill

Can the duration of the spike construction phase increase the yield of wheat?

Tina Botwright Acuña, Penny Riffkin, Angela Merry, Brendan Christy, Richard Richards, Heping Zhang, Jens Berger, Garry O’Leary, Debra Partington

Phenotypic plasticity of grain yield in oat and its association with agronomic and phenological traits

Mahadevan, Victor O. Sadras, Pamela K. Zwer

Simulated wheat phenology is improved when local temperature is used

Dane Thomas, Peter Hayman

APSIM Kale appropriately simulates spring and autumn grown forage kale crops in Tasmania

K.G. Pembleton, M.T. Harrison, R.P. Rawnsley, R. Zykowski , E Chakwizira, J. de Ruiter, P.R. Johnstone