Pasture Breeding

Summer production of alternative species in comparison to perennial ryegrass and white clover for high input pasture systems

Rowan Smith, Eric Hall, Ross Corkrey, David Parsons, Keith Pembleton, Richard Rawnsley

Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) beat the heat during summer drought in southeast Australian dairying regions?

Adam Langworthy, Keith Pembleton, Richard Rawnsley,Matthew Harrison, Peter Lane, David Henry and Ross Corkrey

Increasing the seed production of summer-dormant, drought-tolerant cocksfoot

Mark R. Norton

Stoloniferous red clover cv. Rubitas is a valuable companion to PRG and phalaris

Brigid Watson, Keith Pembleton, Rowan Smith, Ross Corkrey and Richard Rawnsley

Comparing within paddock yield variability of perennial ryegrass monocultures and perennial ryegrass, white clover and plantain mixtures using yield mapping

David K. McLaren, Keith G. Pembleton

A preliminary evaluation of alternative annual legume species under grazing on the Southern Tablelands of NSW

Richard C. Hayes, Graeme A. Sandral, Richard Simpson, Andrew Price, Adam Stefanski and
Matthew T. Newell

Potential new cultivars of phalaris for the medium rainfall (450-550mm) mixed farming zone in southern New South Wales

Richard Culvenor and Mark Norton


Plaintain and chicory could potentially complement the perrennnial ryegrass dominant dairy feedbase

K.G. Pembleton


An investigatin of the social sustainability of genetically modified rye grass forage in New Zealand

B.H.Small, T. Chikazhe, N. Botha, R.Tipples and K. Old.


Sirolan phalaris and Kasbah cocksfoot prove more persistent than lucerne under drought in a medium rainfall cropping environment

Richard C. Hayes, Guangdi D. Li and Mark R. Norton


The development of a mid-season barrel medic (Medicago truncatula Gaertn.) cultivar with tolerance to solfonylurea herbicide residues.

David Peck, Ross Palmer, David Hawkey, Ross Ballard, Klaus Oldach, Tim sutton and David A Henry.