Soil Water Management

APSoil-providing soils information to consultants, farmers and researchers
Neal Dalgliesh
1, Brett Cocks1and Heidi Horan2

Yield Gap Analysis: quantifying the gap between farmers’ wheat yields and water limited yield potential
Zvi Hochman
1, David Gobbett2, Dean Holzworth3, Oswald Marinoni1, Tim McClelland4, Harm van Rees5, Javier Navarro Garcia1and Heidi Horan1

Dynamic Deficits for Irrigated Cotton – matching the soil water to plant requirements.
Rose Brodrick,James Neilsen, Michael Bange, Darin Hodgson and Louise Mundey

Water use and water use efficiency of wheat under a Free Air CO2Enrichment (FACE) experiment
Garry O’Leary, James Nuttall, Glenn J Fitzgerald and Brendan Christy

Modelling water-use of irrigated forage systems in northern Victoria
Alister Lawson, Kevin Kelly and Mary-Jane Rogers

Potential of dual gamma-ray and electromagnetic induction sensors to map soil type and plant available water capacity
Mike T F Wong
1and Roger Lawes2

Utilising Soil Water Sensing and Modelling to Guide Grower Decision Making in Dryland Cropping Systems - A Case Study
Tony Craddock
1and Brett Cocks2

Does control of summer fallow weeds improve whole-farm productivity in both Mediterranean and temperate environments? A simulation analysis
Andrew D. Moore and James Hunt

Development, growth and water extraction of seedling lucerne grown on two contrasting soil types
Richard Sim
1, Derrick Moot1, Hamish Brown2and Edmar Teixeira2

Rice and sweet corn response to high levels of water supply
Vilayphone Sourideth
1,2, Jaquie Mitchell2and Shu Fukai2

Soil Water Express – a system to generate approximate soil water characterisations and current soil water estimates from minimal input data
Lawrence Burk
1and Neal Dalgliesh2

Micro-basin technology in Ethiopia – is it worth the effort?
Tewodros Mesfin
1, Carina Moeller1, 2and Floris Van Ogtrop1

Subsoil manuring on problem clay soils: increasing crop yields to the next level
Peter Sale
1, Jaikirat Gill1, Renick Peries2and Caixian Tang1

Waterlogging, anoxia and wheat growth in surface irrigated soils
Sam North

Water relations in two cultivars of Napier grass under variable water supply and temperature conditions
Solomon Mwendia
1,Isa Yunusa1, Brian Sindel1, Wal Whalley1and Innocent Kariuki2

Water extraction of solid and skip-row cotton
José Payero
1, Geoff Robinson2, Graham Harris, and Dhananjay Singh2

Summer fallow management in 2010 across Central West NSW
Barry Haskins
1and Colin McMaster2

Management strategies to improve water-use efficiency of barley in Tasmania
Tina Botwright Acuna
1, Peter Johnson2, Marek Matuszek1and Shaun Lisson3

Using soil water content to predict pasture growth rates
Brendan R. Cullen
1and Ian R. Johnson2

Can changes in the cropping/livestock mix, moisture seeking planting and fallow length mitigate the impacts of climate change in Queensland?
Howard Cox
1, Daniel Rodriguez2, Brendan Power1and Peter de Voil1

Utilising Chicken Litter as a Soil Improvement Agent
Tony Craddock

Agriculture and Languages Other than English
Luise Mock

Semi-automated, non-weighing, pot-in-bucket (PIB), water management in pot plant culture.
Mal Hunter, Jaquie Mitchelland Mark Dieters

Water application strategies for lucerne
Alister Lawson, Mary-Jane Rogers and Kevin Kelly

LPAD: a lysimetery platform to phenotype the temporal transpiration pattern for field crops over the growing cycle.
Greg McLean
1, Richard Sulman2and Graeme L. Hammer3

Simulated soil water balance is affected by crop rotation/irrigation systems in the irrigated Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Shreevatsa Kodur
1, Brett Robinson1, Jenny Foley1, Mark Silburn1and Tim Ellis2

Climate conditions affected the simulated soil water balance of an irrigated vegetable rotation in the Lockyer Valley, Australia
Shreevatsa Kodur
1, Brett Robinson1, Jenny Foley1, Mark Silburn1and Tim Ellis2

Producing more with less using retro-fit telemetry to reduce energy and water consumption during carrot production
SJ Lambert
1, FS Hay1, W.Cotching1, T Norton1and CJ Birch1

Lucerne creates a dry soil buffer to at least 5m
Malcolm McCaskill
1and Gavin Kearney2

Maintaining yield / reducing nitrogen losses in water: a sustainable solution for sugarcane production systems
Anthony Webster
1, Rebecca Bartley2, John Armour3, Jon Brodie4and Peter Thorburn5

Nitrous oxide emissions in medium rainfall cropping environments: merely interesting, or actually important?
Patricia Hill
1,Roger Armstrong1, Debra Partington2, Rob Harris2and Ashley Wallace1

The Soil Evaporation Potentiality Index: a toolkit of holistic indicators to monitor soil salinity and associated soil and vegetation degradation, for agricultural productivity in upland environments.
Glen Bann