Building Productive, Diverse and Sustainable Landscapes 

~ 2015  ASA17 

Papers can also be accessed via the -  2015 collated proceedings.

Foreword and Sponsors

Committee Information

Plenary Papers

Contributed papers (sorted in alphabetical order of sessions)

Carbon Farming

Climate Change

Cold Adaptation

Computing and Decision Support

Crop Adaptation   

Crop Breeding 

Crop Establishment   

Crop Phenology  

Crop Response to CO2 


Extension and PAR 

Heat Stress

High Yielding Environments

Irrigation, Water Management 

Management and PGR’S

Managing Pests and Diseases

Managing Productive and Sustainable Landscapes   

Managing Productive And Sustainable Landscapes – Land Management   

Managing Productive And Sustainable Landscapes – Rice    

Managing Seasonal Variability

Nutrient Management  (1&2)  

Nutrient Placement   

Nutrient Processes   

Nutrient Use And Efficiency   


Pasture Breeding   

Pasture Management      

Pastures and P   

Pasture Roots and Nutritive Characteristics



Systems and Tillage 

Tropical Pastures

Weeds and Herbicides   

Weeds, Pests and Disease

Yield Gap and Performance