This theme include conference papers from the the conference sessions Crop-nutrient interactions, Improving soil function, Managing soil constraints, and Soil and climate constraints to pastures.

Identifying the relative importance of potential multiple soil constraints to wheat and canola growth rate
Stephen Akpa, Sorn Norng, Doug Crawford, Katherine Dunsford, Kathryn Sheffield, Malcolm McCaskill, Bruce Shelly, Matt Kitching and Roger Armstrong

Mind the depth of soil amelioration to surpass the yield gap in Western Australia
Gaus Azam, Chris Gazey, Stephen Davies, Craig Scanlan

The potential for enhancing soil carbon levels through the use of organic soil amendments in Queensland
J.Biala, K Wilkinson, B. Henry, S. Singh, J. Bennett-Jones, and D. De Rosa

Barriers restricting emergence of tropical pastures in southern Australia
Kim Broadfoot, Warwick Badgery, and Suzanne Boschma

ConstraintID: a free web-based tool for spatial diagnosis of soil constraints
Yash Dang, Tom Orton, David McClymont and Neal Menzies

Soil constraints to crop production: An overview
Yash Dang, Kathryn Page, Ram Dalal and Neal Menzies

Estimating crop lower limit on Vertosol soils in the presence of variable levels of subsoil salinity
David Deery, Kirsten Verburg, Graeme Schwenke and Yash Dang

Does applying nutrient enriched organic matter reduce impact of temporal waterlogging on wheat?waterlogging on wheat?
K Dunsford, M R Hart, S Chandra and R D Armstrong

Low levels of group B herbicide residues affect subsequent crop performance on alkaline sandy soils in low rainfall farming systems
Brian Dzoma, and Nigel Wilhelm

Mungbeans: response to applied nitrogen
Jayne Gentry, Doug Sands, Cameron Silburn, Mathew Dunn, Nikki Seymour and Kerry Bell

Subsoil water influences cereal response to soil amelioration on sodic vertosol soil in western Victoria
Murray Hart and Roger Armstrong

Nitrogen budgeting for water quality improvement in pineapple production systems of south eastern Queensland, Australia
Stuart Irvine-Brown, Rachel Abel, and Ian Layden

Soil pH and pasture responses to lime and organic amendments on an acidic soil in south-eastern Australia
Guangdi Li, Richard Hayes, Jason Condon, Helen Burns, Richard Lowrie, Adam Lowrie and Andrew Price

Nitrogen dynamics in high-yielding wheat and canola crops
McCaskill MR, Dunsford K, Akps S, Sheffield K, Crawford D, Norng S and Armstrong R

Nitrogen dynamics in high-yielding wheat and canola crops
McCaskill MR, Dunsford K, Akpa S, Sheffield K, Crawford D, Norng S and Armstrong R

Farming Forecaster: integrating multiple sources of information for livestock producers
Patrick J. Mitchell, Vicki Lane and Matt Lieschke

The health and nutrition of Western Australian soils
Andreas Neuhaus and Alisa Bryce

Key factors limiting the yields of drip irrigated processing tomatoes
Sam North

Reduced grain yield under aerobic rice production is associated with reduced nitrogen uptakenitrogen uptake
Christopher Proud, Shu Fukai, Brian Dunn, Tina Dunn and Jaquie Mitchell

The adaptation of some temperate agricultural, native and weed species to aluminium and manganese ions in acid soils
BB Rubzen, EC Wolfe and KR Helyar

Determining CEC in Variable Charge Soils- What answer do you want?
Djoko Santoso, Graeme Blair, and Rod Lefroy

The effect of temperature and cold-moist stratification on seed germination of temperate climate grass and forb prairie species
L. Shi, C.S.P. Teixeira, T. Dance, J.A. Sullivan and E.M. Lyons

Arbuscular mycorrhizae play key role for mungbeans in low phosphorus soil
Cameron Silburn, Nikki Seymour, Jayne Gentry, Kerry Bell

Improving grain yields by ameliorating alkaline dispersive subsoils in southern New South Wales
Shihab Uddin, Yunying Fang, Wayne Pitt, Albert Oates, Naveed Aslam, David Armstrong, Shane Hildebrand, Yan Jia, Lukas Van Zwieten, Roger Armstrong and Ehsan Tavakkoli

Screening genotypes for improving wheat yield in alkaline dispersive subsoils in a medium rainfall region of south eastern Australia
Shihab Uddin, Rhiannon Schilling, Remy Dehaan, Glenn K McDonald, and Ehsan Tavakkoli

Why and how do rainfed crops on sandy soils respond to deep tillage?
M.Unkovich, M. Moodie, T. McBeath, and L. M Macdonald

Reliable one-pass nutrition: Mid-row banding high nitrogen rates in irrigated wheat
Leigh K Vial, and Laura A Kaylock

Amending multiple soil constraints throughout the profile on a layer basis
Michael Weiss, Jason Condon, Ehsan Tavakkoli, Mark Whatmuff and Roger Armstrong