Committee of Management


President: Dr Chris Korte, Agriculture Victoria

Secretary: Dr Rob Norton, International Plant    Nutrition Institute

Treasurer: Dr Angela Clough, Agriculture Victoria

Executive Officer, Linda Bennison, Agronomy Australia

Claire Browne, Birchip Cropping Group

Adam Hancock, Elders Rural

Dr James Hunt, Latrobe University

Dr Garry O'leary, Agriculture Victoria

Dr Mary-Jane Rogers, Agriculture Victoria

2019 Conference Representative: Deb Slinger, NSW DPI


 Editorial acknowledgements


The editorial committee of Garry O’Leary, Roger Armstrong and Liz Hafner supervised the reviewing of 199 submitted papers including 14 invited keynote papers.  Of these 180 (90%) were accepted, 16 (8%) were withdrawn by the authors and 3 (2%) rejected by our committee.  For reviewing, the papers were classed into sub-themes and sub-theme editors appointed to oversee around 15 papers each.  We accepted all topics submitted by authors and did not restrict themes. Our aim was to obtain at least one review of each paper and sometimes two reviews if applicable.  All papers that were initially reviewed recommending revision or rejection were returned to authors for their response. The intention was to get as many papers as possible published within the timetable deadlines.  Where authors relied on statistics some measure of variance was necessary to be shown.  Overall, authors responded very positively to their reviews and were given the benefit of the doubt in the absence of conflicting evidence. Editorial standards insisted on legible figures and graphs following the published ASA format not exceeding 4 pages. Reasons for rejection for two papers were failure to correct manuscripts to the required format.  One paper was rejected because the author did not satisfactorily address the reviewer’s criticism.  The helpful support of the following sub-theme editors is gratefully acknowledged. Roger Armstrong, Kirsten Barlow, Angela Clough, Richard Eckard, Ian Goodwin, Dale Grey,  James Hunt, Joe Jacobs, Deidre Lemerle, Rob Norton, James Nuttall, Garry O’Leary, Chris Pittock, Mary-Jane Rogers, Garry Rosewarne, Caixian Tang and Ted Wolf.  The review of the papers would not have been possible without the willingness and helpful support from all the reviewers – mostly from the authors of other papers submitted to the conference.  Thank you.


Citation of papers


Author1 AB, Author2 CD and Author3 EF (2017). Title of paper. In: "Doing More with Less" Edited by GJ O’Leary, RD Armstrong and L Hafner.  Proceedings of the 18th ASA Conference, 24 – 28 September 2017, Ballarat, Australia © 2017 (http:// ( (Internet address verified 15 August 2017).