Farming Systems 1: Rotations, N and Disease

Agronomic management for production of Prime Hard quality wheat in South Australia.
H.A. Reimers, M.Miyan, M.Bennie, G.Hollamby, R.Holloway, G.McDonald, A.Rathjen and R.Saunders

Survey of Field Pea Production Practices in South Australia.
D.M. Peck and G.K. McDonald

The effect of Brassica crops on the level of mycorrhizal inoculum in soil
M.H. Ryan

Effect of soil-borne Ascochyta blight fungi on the grain yield of Field peas
T.W. Bretag, L.M. Smith and D.J. Ward

Blackspot Survival in Soil and Stubble and Aerial Dissemination through the Season
D.M. Peck, G.K.McDonald and J.A. Davidson

Short-term rotations using the forage legume Lablab have a place in Central Queensland farming systems
K.McCosker, S.Buck, A. Schwarz, P.Durkin, and R.Kelly

Growth of different plant species in pasteurised/fumigated and untreated sugarcane soils
A.L.Garside, S. Berthelsen and R.C. Magarey

Yield responses to breaking the sugarcane monoculture
M.J. Bell, A.L. Garside, N.V. Halpin and J.E. Berthelsen

Species and management of fallow legumes in sugarcane farming systems
A.L. Garside, M.J. Bell, J.E. Berthelsen and N.V. Halpin