Asian cropping systems (5ACSC)

The system of rice intensification (SRI) for super-high yields of rice in Sichuan Basin
Jiaguo Zheng, Xianjun Lu, Xinlu Jiang, and Yonglu Tang

Understanding soil factors limiting the potential yield of yam (Dioscorea spp.)
Lucien N Diby1, 2, Robert Carsky3, Ayémou Assa1, Tié B Tra4, Olivier Girardinand Emmanuel Frossard5

Palm pulverisation in sustainable oil palm replanting
Ling-Hoak Ooi and Heriansyah

Combating hunger in North Korea through super-corn development and science-based sustainable farming system
Soon-Kwon Kim1, Kwang-Soo Lee2, Hyung-Jai Han2, Park Kim2, Hyung-Wook Kim1, Joon-Soo Lee1, Young-Hwan Kim1, Kyung-Geun Jo1 and Hwang-Gi Min3

Nutrient reserves and recycling from oil palm trunks at replanting
Khan-Kiang Kee

Impact of mulches on growth and yields of cassava and sweet potato in tropical Asia
U.R. Sangakkara, K.B. Attanayake, J.N. Gajanayake, and P.S.D.R. Bandaranayake

Grain yield of direct seeded and transplanted rice in rainfed lowlands of South East Asia
Jaquie Mitchell, Shu Fukai and Jayampathi Basnayake

Vegetative growth, resource optimisation and N productivity of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) as influenced by soil and fertilization
K.J. Goh1, P.S. Chew1,2 and K.C. Teoh1,3

Effects of genotype and sowing time on growth of soybean in the mountain region of Northern Vietnam
Truyen N Quach 1, Hanh T.M. Nguyen 1, Andrew T. James 2 and Long D Tran 1, Thang Q Ngo1 and Truong T Tran1

A methodology to explore options for rice-based farming systems in a humid subtropical region: a case study for Jiangxi, China
Jiayou Zhong1,2,3, Huib Hengsdijk1, Herman van Keulen1,2, Qinghua Shi3 and Xiaoming Zhao3

Performance of rice on beds and puddled transplanted flats in Punjab, India
Anil Prashar1, S. Thaman1, E. Humphreys2, Yadvinder Singh1, A. Nayyar1, P.R. Gajri, S.S. Dhillon and Jagadish Timsina2

Mechanized crop care in non-flooded rice production in Malaysia
Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar1, M.A. Ghazali2, and Abu Hasan Daud3

Evaluation of, and yield gap analysis in rice using, CERES Rice ver. 4.0 in northwest India
Jagadish Timsina1, Himanshu Pathak2, E. Humphreys1, Doug Godwin3, Bijay Singh4, A.K. Shukla5 and Upendra Singh6

Enhancing food security and income through integrating an upland crop in the rainfed cropping systems in the coastal areas in Vietnam
Nguyen Ngoc De11, Vo Tong Xuan2, M. Zainul Abedin3 and Ma. Romilee Bool

Megasporocarps of Azolla and their germination in varied paddy soils
Santosh kumar Nayak 1 and Pawan Kumar Singh 2

Impact of early transplanting on tillering and grain yield in irrigated rice
Estela Pasuquin1, Brenda Tubana1, Jessica Bertheloot1 and Tanguy Lafarge1, 2

Effect of seeding rate on the growth and quality of rice seedlings in the long-mat seedling culture system 
Hisashi Kitagawa1, Hiroyuki Shiratsuchi1 and Akio Ogura2

Wheat seed quality – A study on farmers’ seed
Salina P. Banu1, J.M. Duxbury2, J.G. Lauren3, Craig Meisner4 and Rafiqul Islam5

Change in Growth and Productivity from Pruning and Skiffing as a Method to Prolong Pruning Cycle
Sarath P. Nissanka1, A. Ananda Coomaraswamy2 and C.K. Seneviratne3

Soil management systems improve water use efficiency of rainfed rice in the semi-arid tropics of Southern Lombok, Eastern Indonesia
Mahrup1, Andrew K. Borrell2, Mansur Ma’shum1, I.G.M. Kusnarta1, Sukartono1, Judy Tisdall3 and Jaikirat S. Gill3

Rice root distribution under various systems of soil management on rainfed Vertisols in Southern Lombok, Eastern Indonesia
I.G.M. Kusnarta1, Judy Tisdall2, Sukartono1, Mahrup1, Mansur Ma’shum1, Jaikirat S. Gill2 and Don VanCooten3

Productivity of multi-crops sown on permanent raised beds in the tropics
A.S.M.H.M. Talukder1, Craig Meisner2, M.J. Kabir3, A.B.S. Hossain4 and M Harun-ur-Rshid5

Improved fallow and live-staking of yam using Gliricidia sepium in Papua New Guinea
James Ernest1 and Jane O'Sullivan2

Improving livelihood of potato farmers in Afghanistan
Mohinder Singh. Kadian1, Sarath Ilangantileke1, Moeen Ud Din2 and Nasrat Wassimi2

Crop and cropping systems research in the central Terai, Nepal
Lal P. Amgain1 and Jagadish Timsina2

Intercropping of agri/horti crops with special reference to mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) in Sikkim (INDIA)
Kesang Lachungpa