[Papers are listed in alphabetical order of author surname]

Impact of genotypic variations in transpiration rate on Australian wheat productivity 
Behnam Ababaei, Bangyou Zheng and Karine Chenu

Evaluating wheat, barley and oats for early sowing in frost prone landscapes in Western Australia Wickepin 2017 and 2018 
Ben Biddulph, Chloe Turner, Rebecca Smith, Sarah Jackson, Karyn Reeves and Dean Diepeveen

Management of early sown wheat: Development patterns of early sown wheat cultivars in the Mid-North of South Australia 
Dylan Bruce, Kenton Porker, Sarah Noack, James Hunt and Bonnie Flohr

Comparative yield physiology of spring and winter wheat in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment 
David Cann, James Hunt, Felicity Harris and Kenton Porker

Heat impact on yield components of fertile primary tillers in wheat can inform crop modelling for future climates 
Karine Chenu and Florianne Oudin

In-field differentiation of frost and heat stress in wheat 
Alexander Clancy

Winter sown sorghum cropping systems 
Joseph X Eyre, Loretta Serafin and Daniel Rodriguez

Evaluating wheat, barley and oats for early sowing under frost-prone field condition in Southern Australia 
Ariel Ferrante, Ben Biddulph and Jason A. Able

Assessing frost damage in a set of historic wheat varieties using a passive heating system 
Ariel Ferrante, Cesar M. Cossani, Jason A. Able and Victor O. Sadras

Comparing the yield of reduced tillering wheat genotypes at different sowing densities 
Dr Andrew Fletcher

Using high-throughput phenotyping and genome wide association study (GWAS) techniques to identify molecular markers for transpiration efficiency in wheat 
Andrew Fletcher, Alison Kelly, Jack Christopher, Valeria Paccapelo and Karine Chenu

Towards improved aluminium tolerance in canola 
Bob French, Shahajahan Miyan and Gaus Azam

Chickpea yield potential in cool conditions – making the most of early flowers 
Neroli Graham, Annie Warren, Rosy Raman and Kristy Hobson

Effect of sowing date on phenology, plant morphology and yield components in linseed grown in northern NSW in 2015 
K A Hertel

Can we close crop yield gaps in Australia? 
Zvi Hochman, Airong Zhang, Marta Monjardino and Heidi Horan

Management of early sown wheat: matching genotype to environment 
A/Prof James Hunt

Competitive wheats: does more vigour early matter 
Cathrine H Ingvordsen, David J Smith, Tina Rathjen, Gurjet Gill, Leslie A. Weston, Washy Gapare and Greg J Rebetzke

Growth and quality of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in response to irrigation treatments 
Induni Vijay Kumar, Tina Botwright Acuna, Shaun Lisson and Marcus Hardie

Screening lentil varieties for adaptation to waterlogging 
Lachlan Lake and Victor O Sadras

Sample size is critical when exploring the grain set in wheat cultivars grown under frost-prone field conditions in Western Australia 
Brenton Leske, Ben Biddulph, Mario D’Antuono, Ifeyinwa Olive Onyemaobi and Timothy Colmer

Does root growth slow during fast stem and ear growth in wheat? 
Xiaoxi Li, Michael Weiss and Richard Richards

Stem elongation frost damage in cereals in southern NSW
Malcolm D, Brill R, McMaster C, Petty H, Maccallum R, Reeves K and Biddulph B

What drives the yield gap between durum and bread wheat? 
Melissa McCallum, Courtney Peirce and Kenton Porker

Traits of importance for aerobic rice 
Jaquie Mitchell, Christopher Proud, Trinh mai Nguyen and Shu Fukai

Can 15N- isotopic methods be used to estimate plant associated nitrogen fixation in hybrid perennial sorghum? 
Matthew T. Newell, Timothy E. Crews and Richard C. Hayes

Linking wheat grain quality to environmental processes  
Garry O’Leary, Cassandra Walker, Joe Panozzo, Thabo Thayalakumaran, Malcolm McCaskill, James Nuttall, Kirsten Barlow, Brendan Christy and Senthold Asseng

Management of early sown wheat: Evaluation of G x E x M interactions to increase harvest index and yield of early sown wheat 
Kenton Porker, James Hunt and Michael Straight

Improving low-temperature tolerance in rice 
Christopher Proud, Jaquie Mitchell, Bradley Campbell, Zuziana Suzanti, Ian Godwin, Ben Ovenden, Peter Snell and Shu Fukai

Genetic mapping of flowering time in two interspecific RIL populations of chickpea 
Rosy Raman, Neroli Graham, Jess Simpson, Annie Warren, Sean Bithell, Dave Wheeler, Laney Davidson, Mark Richards and Kristy Hobson

Untangling and unifying adaptive and productivity traits in canola 
Harsh Raman, Rosy Raman, Yu Qiu, Brett McVittie, Simon Diffey, David Tabah and Andrew Easton

Genetic opportunities in exploiting genotype × row spacing for rainfed wheat 
Greg Rebetzke, Kathryn Bechaz, David Smith, Tina Rathjen, Neil Fettell, Andrew Fletcher and Cathrine Ingvordsen

Components of yield in winter and spring canola types in the HRZ of southern Australia 
Penny Riffkin, Brendan Christy and Garry O’Leary

Pollen fatty acid composition associated with heat tolerance of tropical rice 
Charissa Rixon, Surya Bhattarai, Ben Ovenden and Kerry Walsh

Effect of sowing time on biomass production and partitioning into grain yield of pigeonpea genotypes (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp)   
Mahendraraj Sabampillai, Marisa Collins, Yash Chauhan and Rao C.N. Rachaputi

Stay-green associates with water soluble carbohydrates in oat 
Victor Sadras, M. Mahadevan and Pamela K. Zwer

Geographic targeting of grain crop genotypes to environments using spatial data and multi-environment trial data analysis 
Marja Simpson, Deb Slinger, Tania Moore, Mehrshad Barary, Hongtao Xing and Allison Blake

Dynamics of evaporation and transpiration in overhead sprinkler irrigation 
Dr Jasim Uddin

Comparing genotypic variation in wheat in response to transient waterlogging in alkaline sodic soils 
Shihab Uddin, Rhiannon K Schilling, Binbin Xu, Iman Tahmasbian, Tony Napier, Remy Dehaan, Glenn K McDonald and Ehsan Tavakkoli

Impact of post-flowering heat stress on stay-green and grain development in wheat 
Najeeb Ullah and Karine Chenu

Canola yield and its association with phenological, architectural and physiological traits across the rainfall zones of southwestern Australia 
Heping Zhang, Jens Berger, Chris Herrmann, Adam Brown and Sam Flottmann

Modelling impact of climate and soil interactions on yield benefit from early vigour of wheat 
Zhigan Zhao, Enli Wang, Greg J. Rebetzke, Bangyou Zheng and Scott C. Chapman

Modelling the dynamic of canopy development in APSIM wheat 
Bangyou Zheng, Fernanda Dreccer, Scott Chapman, Enli Wang and Karine Chenu