Contributed papers ~ 1980   ASA 1

Insect, disease and weed management

Methomyl - an ovicide for control of Heliothis spp. in a cotton pest management system
L. Arends and J.G. Campion

The prospects for biocontrol augmentation in cotton and soybean systems
P.R.B. Blood1, B.M. Shepard2, R.G. Rice3 and J.P. Evenson1

Control of seed harvesting ants
M.H. Campbell1 and L.K. Minter2

Insect pest management and the Queensland cotton industry 
J.P. Evenson, P.R.B. Blood and B. Pyke

Computer retrieval of plant pesticide registration information
V. J. Caley

Survival of Alternaria carthami on safflower residue
K.J. Jackson and J. Berthelsen

The starwheel sprayer - a new design for foliage spray penetration of vegetables
T.J. Piggott1, J. Czech2 and R.T. Male1

Effect of herbicides on nitrophilous weeds and the resultant establishment and development of surface-sown pasture species
M.H. Campbell

Susceptibility of grain sorghum cultivars to 3,4-d and picloram plus 3,4-D
W.H. Hazard and S.J. Bath

The potential significance of plant-derived chemicals in crop/weed associations
J.V. Lovett

Control of Mexican poppy (Argemone Mexicana forma ochroleucaby manipulation of seeding rate
J.E. Rawson1 and S.J. Bath2

Biological control of weeds - modest investments can give large returns
P.M. Room