Contributed papers ~ 1980   ASA 1

Australian pastures and their management

Pasture establishment using oats as a companion crop on the northern tablelands of N.S.W.
K.A. Archer1 and J.K. Bowler2

The survival of medic seeds following ingestion of intact pods by sheep
E.D. Carter

Herbage attributes, diet preference and pasture management
J. Ebersohn, K. Moir, J. Evans and J. Limpus

Herbage biomass, ponded infiltration and sulfur in a disturbed woodland 
G.G. Johns, D.J. Tongway, G.N. Harrington and J. Tunny

Competitive abilities of lucerne and sorrel growing in acid soils
G.P. Mahoney and J.M. Hunter

Use of ecological benchmark sites in natural pasture condition surveys in Australia
B.R. Roberts

Effect of defoliation and clover scorch on the competitive relations of two subterranean clover cultivars in mixture
C.W. Thorn, W.R. Stern and W.J. Collins