~ 2004 Plenary Papers ~


Crop science for a diverse planet

Stocktake on cropping and crop science for a diverse planet.
M.S. Swaminathan

Science and technology: the essential way to keep sustainable development of world agriculture and trade
Yanhua Liu

Crop science, poverty and the family farm in a globalising world
Michael Lipton

Crop science for addressing water scarcity 

Water Scarcity: Fact or Fiction?
Author: Frank R. Rijsberman

Increasing Crop Productivity When Water is Scarce – From Breeding to Field Management
Author: John Passioura1

Crop science for a sustainable future

Farming systems in a rational world.
Author: Pedro A. Sanchez1

Nitrogen Over-use, Under-use, and Efficiency
Author: J.L. Hatfield1 and J.H. Prueger1

Crop science for harnessing genetics

GMOs and Society
Author: John H Skerritt

Challenges of integrating conventional breeding and biotechnology: a personal view!
Author: John W Snape

Crop science for effecting change

Scaling-up: how to reach a billion resource-poor farmers in developing countries
Author: Raj Paroda1

Crop scientists as change agents
Author: Peter S. Carberry